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                             First Timers

                    Frequently Asked Questions

                                  THE PERMIT​

1. Q. Do you help with the permit?
A. Yes, 

2. Q. Can I get my permits before the start of the rental?
 A. No, your city will need to inspect the truck before issuing you a              permit.

3. Q. Do you supply me with what I need to get my permits?
  A. Yes, 

4. Q. How long does it take to get my permits?
 A. Typically about 2 weeks, if you have all your info in order.

5. Q. How much is the permit?
 A. Every city is different. Contact your city.

6. Q. Do you help find locations for us to work the truck?
 A. Yes we can.



1. Q. Does everything work?
 A. Yes!

2. Q. Can I add or remove equipment in the truck?
A. Yes, once you receive the truck.

3. Q. Does it come with the propane tanks already full?
A. No, there may be propane in the tanks from the previous                       renter, but we don't fill the tanks, unless it was pre-arranged.

4. Q. How long does the propane last?
A. Depending on usage, typically one 100 lbs tank will last around             2 weeks.

5. Q. Does the kitchen come clean?
   A. Yes it does come cleaned and ready to go.

6. Q. What if I'm having a problem with the cooking equipment, who                fixes it?
A. We fix it for you, you have to bring it to our shop.

7. Q. Where do I get power from?
A.The truck can be plugged into a normal 110v 15amp house outlet         with an adaptor which we can provide you with, or if the building           has an 220v 30amp outlet. You can also plug into a generator( not         provided). 

 The Rental

1. Q. How does it work?
A. Step1= Choose a Truck by paying the 1st & last + $1,000                                   deposit to secure it.
        Step2= Insure the Truck( "If" you are planing on driving it).
​        Step3= Add Logos or a Wrap to the outside of the unit. (Optional)
        Step4= Obtain your permit from your city after they inspect the                           truck. (Optional)

​2. Q. Can you hold/reserve a unit for me until my partner has a                       chance to come see it?
A. We can try, but it's 1st pay 1st served. So there is a chance that            You may lose that truck to another customer if you have not                  made a deposit.

​3. Q. Does my rent ever change?
 A. Depending on the time of year, Your rent may decrease but it will           never increase while you are in possession of the truck.

4. Q. Can I reserve the truck 2-3 months in advance if I make a                     deposit now?
 A. No, we dont reserve earlier than one month before your                        start month.

5. Q. Can my rent start in the middle of the month or does it have to               start on the 1st?
A. No, rent starts on the 1st of the month, even if you pick it up on             a later date.

6. Q. How long is the contract?
 A. As long as you like, It's month to month or week to week.

7. Q. Are there any discounts?
  A. Yes, if you pay in advance for 4 months. There's also other                     discounts

8. Q. How long does it take to get a truck from you on the road?
A. Around 4-6 weeks.

9. Q. Can I rent weekends only?
 A. Yes, at the weekly rate but it's not guarantee you'll receive the               same truck every weekend.

10. Q. Where can I operate the truck?
A. That's up to you and your local authority or a landlord that                       you've found.

11. Q. Can I rent to own?
  A. You can buy the truck that you're renting but the rent paid does             not go towards the purchase.

12. Q. Where do I park the truck every night when Im done working?
 A. Your driveway, Public storage or a business's parking lot, with                their permission.

13. Q. Can I go see the trucks, Trailers and Containers in person?
A. Yes, we meet by appointments only.

14. Q. Can I take the truck to use it very far away or even out of                       State?
 A.  Yes, but there are additional rental charges & a $2,000 security             deposit. 

15. Q. Do you supply insurance?
    A. No, Click Insurance in the menu bar to get more info and prices            of insurance.

​16. Q. Do these trucks make a lot of money?
 A. Yes! Depending on your location & quality of food, Trucks that               we've operated in the past  has earned up to $40,000 in a                     month.


1. Q. Does everything work?
A. Yes!

2. Q. Am I allowed to wrap the truck?
A. Yes.

3. Q. Can you bring the truck to the wrap company before my rental starting date?
  A. Yes, it can be arranged.

4. Q How long does it take to wrap the truck?
  A. One week

5. Q. Do I need a special driver's license to drive these trucks?
  A. No.

6. Q. What if the truck needs repairing, who pays for that?
 A. We pay for repairs( not caused by your negligence) . You have to           bring it to our mechanics.

7. Q. Is the truck plain white or does it have graphics on it?
A. Usually it has a wrap left behind from the previous renter, which          you can wrap over. But truck #8 is white and does not have a wrap.

8.  Q. Do I have to remove my wrap when I'm done with the rental?
 A. Only If the wrap is peeling or in a bad condition that cant be                  wrapped over. 

9. Q. Where can I park the truck to sell food?
 A. That's up to you and your local authority.

10. Q. Do I have to insure it?
 A. Only, if you're going to drive it, otherwise it can be dropped off              for you.

11. Q. What type of fuel does the truck take?
A. Typically Unleaded gas.